Iams in a brand name for dog and cat food manufactuered by Procter & Gamble (P&G). Their products include ProActive Health™, Naturals™, Premium Protection™, Veterinary Formula™, So Good™,  Woof Delights™, Purrfect Delicacies™, and Purrfect Delights. Iams has had 74 recalls and withdraws since 2005 with an estimated 26 million bags/cans/containers of products recalled.


Recall History


In 2007 Iams issued numerous recalls due to  tainted rice protein from China. The recalls were nation wide and affected many brands but Iams was one of the most affected by the tainted ingredients from China.

In June 2010 Iams had a recall for low levels of Vitamin B1 that affected their canned cat food in North Amera. A recall was issued in July 25 2010 for salmonella contamination in only their Veterinary Formula cat food.  On July 30, the recall was expanded to include all Iams Ventrenary Formuals, Eukanuba Naturally Wild, Eukanuba, Pure, and Eukanuba Custom Sensitive Skin. On August 29, 2010, Iams recalled a a small number of dry cat food bags from stores in Loveland, CO for Salmonella contamination. On August 31, a separate recall was issued for Salmonella contamination of dry cat food bags.

On December 6, 2011 Iams recalled Proactive Health puppy food for high aflatoxin levels.

In August 2013, Iams recalled 106 lots of dog and cat food due to Salmonella contamination.


Recalled Quantity


The total number of recalled containers of pet products is not publicly disclosed but based on the information released by the FDA we are fairly certain there have been at least 21.5 million (21,528,053) recalled cans, bags, or packages. A 2007 recall by Menu Foods included Iams but did not disclose how many cans/bags/packages were included for Iams. There were 53.3 million (53,373,600) recalled packages by Menu Foods and we estimate 5 million of those were Iams. We estimate that Iams has had approximate 26 million (26,000,000) recalled cans, bags, or packages of pet products.


Consumer Complaints



Iams has recieved 211 complaints and reviews on Consumer Affairs with 97% of the ratings consisting of 1 star and 2 star reviews. The large number of complaints of sickness in pets indicates there may have been times where a recall should have been issued but was not. These are consumer complaints and most are not verified by a veterinarian so the food may not have been the cause. However, with so many complains one has to ask why.




Our Take


The vast majority of recalls was issued in 2007 and there have been relatively few recalls since then which gives the indication that they have fixed the problems. However, the recalls since 2007 have included a significant number of bags, cans, or packages. The 2007 Iams recalls are estimated to include about 5 million packages of pet products while the recalls of 2008-2013 included at least 21.5 million bags, cans, or packages of pet products.  The significant quantities of recalled products between 2008 and 2013 indicates a problem with Iams product, ingredients, or quality control.

The number of consumer complaints indicates that there may be additional quality control problems that were not addressed with recalls.

Based on the quantity of recalled products and the consumer complaints, it is our recommendation to avoid Iams.


These statements are made to the best of our knowledge based on the facts collected through 1/24/2014 . Please contact us to report any errors.



  1. janice morrison on

    We can no longer find Iams lamb and rice cat food and have been forced to look for an alternative. Have you totally discontinued lamb and rice?

  2. tammy Mayfield on

    I’ve always fed my toy poodles what my vet suggested. I’m beside myself to know that the food was hurting my babies. I believe the company should make it right with us. I’ve had thousand dollar or more in vet bills trying to figure out what was wrong with my girls. Seems there isn’t a safe food out there. I’ve bought science diet weight control ,pedigree. Can & dry. The green bag can’t spell it. NOT CHEAP FOOD. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR ME BEING A LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR ALMOST 20 YRS. I LOST ONE PET LAST YR TO DIGESTIVE ISSUES. SHE WAS EATING SCIENCE DIET. IT’S A SHAME. I WILL NO LONGER PURCHASE SCIENCE DIET OR ANY OTHER BRAND THAT COMPANY MAKES. ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR BOTTOM LINE. (MONEY). NUTRO HAS ALSO MADE MY BABIES SICK. SHAME ON YOU GREEDY BASTARDS.

  3. tammy Mayfield on

    Iams is another . Why can’t you stop poisoning our pets. All the treats are bad .regardless if you pay higher price at vets office or get from dollar store. Something has to be done. COMPENSATION IS WHAT YOU SHOULD OFFER. BUT YOU WONT BECAUSE YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT OUR PETS.

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