Did you know that the low quality pet foods can be a risk to you and your family? In 2013, 64% of all recalls was for Salmonella contamination. The recalls affected  16 brands with many of the popular brands having multiple recalls this year for Salmonella contamination. So why aren’t these manufactuerers working to fix the problem?

The Danger of Salmonella

Salmonella contamination is a danger to not only your pet but to your family. Do you wash your hands after touching the food and water bowl? Do you have a small child that touches the bowls?

Pets that eat contaminated food can carry germs even if they appear healthy. Salmonella germs can cause diarrhea in people, which can be mild, severe, or even life threatening. Children under 5 years old, adults aged 65 years and older, and people with weakened immune systems are at higher risk for severe illness. With the proper attention to what you choose to feed your pet and how you feed them, you could keep you and your pets healthy and safe from germs could be found in pet food. . – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Brands Recalled for Salmonella

The following brands were recalled in 2013 for Salmonella contamination:


California Naturals
 Mother Nature
Your True Companion
Bailey’s Choice 
Joey’s Jerky
Jones Natural Chews
Steve’s Real Food 


How Salmonella contamination is caused?

Salmonella can be found in raw meats. Pet food can become contaminated through poor manufacturing conditions and cross-contamination.


How to avoid Salmonella Contamination

There are multiple ways to less your risk of Salmonella contamination.

  • Avoid the source by choosing a pet food that has not had a recall in 15+ years. A proven track record will not guarantee the lack of future recalls but is a good indication of the ingredients production process of the food. Here’s one brand that has never been recalled: http://petfoodrecall.org/dog-cat-food-least-recalls/
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with water and soap right after handling pet food and treats.
  • Feed your pets in areas other than the kitchen for best hygiene practices
  • Avoid washing your pet’s food and water dishes in the kitchen sink or bathtub in order to prevent cross-contamination
  • Use a clean dedicated scoop for measuring food – not one for kitchen use or using the pet’s feeding bowl

Can Manufacturers Test For Salmonella Contamination?

Yes, Salmonella tests can be performed in as little as 24 hours.  Here’s one Salmonella Rapid Test. So that begs the question, why is there Salmonella contamination in pet food on store shelves if they can test for it quickly and easily? Since most pet food is many months old before reaching store shelves, there is amble time to perform a test on each batch. However, these tests costs money and it has become apparent that many pet food company are more concerned about profits than the well being of pets and people.


What can you do?

You can help by spreading the word about Salmonella contamination by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.  By raising awareness, consumers can make informed decisions.

You can also vote with your money. Don’t support the brands that are commonly recalled. Try this brand instead.



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