Life’s Abundance has never been recalled!

Life’s Abundance is a small private corporate that has been in business since 1999 and has had no recalls. They offer a small line of products formulated by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks. Customer complaints are nearly non-existent on the internet and they appear to fully honor their 30 day money back guarantee.


Life’s Abundance Website

Recall History


Life’s Abundance has had zero recalls in the history of their 15 year old business.  There are very few companies that have zero recalls and that list is small for businesses that have been in the pet industry for at least 15 years. It is clear that Life’s Abundance is thorough in testing and ingredient quality through the lack of recalls – particularly Salmonella.


Consumer Complaints


Some companies choose not to issue recalls (they are effectively voluntary) but in those cases you’ll see a lot of consumer complaints online. Our search for consumer complaints for Life’s Abundance is nearly nonexistent.


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Our Take


Life’s Abundance is a reputable company that has a perfect history for recalls. Their dedication to quality and safety is evident through the lack of recalls and nearly nonexistent online complaints. While Life’s Abundance isn’t the cheapest food on the market, they cater to a group of people that believe pets shouldn’t eat bottom of the barrel ingredients. Consider voting with your money by purchasing Life’s Abundance instead of the food from major corporations.


Life’s Abundance Website

Disclaimer: We think Life’s Abundance is a great company so we are associated with them. When you click the link provided and make a purchase we earn a commission from that purchase which helps us run this site. 


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  1. We have been giving our yellow lab this food for the past 5 yrs 2010-2015 and he loves the dry food. Glad to hear no recalls!!! Keep making good and responsible food for our furry friends.

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