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Independent Test

Pet food companies may not have your best interest in mind. The regulation in the industry means that pet food companies can legally produce and sell this food. An independent, consumer funded, test was performed on those brands and found one or more issues:

Mycotoxins: A toxic substance often found in grain heavy food, like with corn, which are produced by fungus and mold.

Guaranteed Analysis/mineral content: Levels that were below what was guaranteed or higher levels than safe for a pet

Cyanuric Acid and Melamine: The 2007 pet food recall killed and sickened countless thousands of pets due to the combination of cyanuric acid and melamine being added to pet food ingredients.

Bacteria: Levels in some of the food tested as “Qualifying Pathogens” which pose substantial risk to the pet.



The Full Report

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 What Next?

We encourage you to examine the quality of the food you are feeding your pet. Here are some guidelines for choosing a great food as well as a couple suggestions.



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