Freshpet is a refrigerated food and treat company offering dog and cat products. They tout using natural ingredients and are the first refrigerated food to be widely distributed in the US.


Freshpet has not had any recalls to date.

Consumer Complaints

There have been recent complaints on Freshpet’s Facebook page of food containing mold. To our knowledge, the food has not been independently tested but multiple cases of mold raises a concern.





Recall Notifications

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  1. We’ve been feeding our english golden Fresh Pet for a while and recently noticed mold. I purchased a new bag yesterday (Friday 12/18/15) and had a little left over from a previous bag. The new bag seemed slightly grayer than usual. My wife went to make her dinner just now and noticed it appeared a little odd. Upon closer inspection, we found a lot of mold. The bag is dated good until March 2016 and I just opened it yesterday. 1 day. This is the second time we’ve had mold issues and we will not be purchasing it again.

  2. Same here. Started my little dog on Fresh Pet a few months back. Bought a new bag a few weeks ago and it had mold in it. Went back to store to return it, where manager opened up last 4 bags to see how they looked..ALL HAD MOLD. Same date on all, however don’t remember it. I waited a couple weeks and went back to look again at new dates and bought bag. It smelled funny to me. however no mold. I called Fresh Pet and they asked for date and number behind date, which was a ‘U’ They informed me they made a new bag to hopefully take care of mold issues which have U on it. Since it smelled funny compared to week’s passed, they said they would check closer if it could be new bag design. They want to offer our dogs a good product. I’m not convinced as of yet ? New bag/ food to me smelled like ‘wet cow dung’
    Not sure what is going on ? ?

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